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Aizar Rain Gutters

Rain Harvesting System
company Aizar.

Aizar gutters are “Customer First – Fabricator Friendly” products that offer beauty, Quality and Durability to the end users and easy, secure and problem-free installation to the fabricators.

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India’s Best Rainwater Gutter System Manufactures

Rainwater gutter systems are long and hollow things attached to the roof of the building. It helps to redirect the water from falling into the foundation of the building, and it also serves as a roofing sheet rainwater gutter. Rain gutters are widely used for large-sized residential and building roofs.


We Designed Rain Gutters To Meet Your Needs


10 to 12 inches – 27 ltrs/ M

These rain gutters can be used for both domestic and industrial purposes. These kinds of flexible rain gutters have 10 to 12 inches of volume.


8 inches – 25 ltrs / M

Enhanced Strength with additional corrugation


6 to 8 inches – 15 ltrs/ M

This is a domestic rainwater harvesting system. Usually used to direct the water to a suitable disposal site to prevent water from damaging walls or drenching people standing below or entering the home


5 inches – 12 ltrs/ M

These expandable rain gutters are exclusively designed for small roofs, like car porches. And provides a good and elegant look. Mainly, the building will get a polished look with these gutters.

Why Rainwater Gutter?

It is a long-lasting solution to managing the flow of rainwater. It helps to maintain the integrity of the building’s structure and prevent water damage. UPVC rainwater gutters have the best rainwater-collecting capacity and are also weather-resistant, so they can be used in any weather condition.

These expandable Rain gutters direct the rainwater away from the foundation of the building. Otherwise, water accumulates there and results in foundation damage, soil erosion, and related issues.

Gutters collect rainwater and channel it away from the building so it prevents moisture damage, rot, mold growth, etc.

Rainwater gutters prevent soil erosion so it preserves the integrity of the landscaping, and reduces the risk of flooding.


Gutters also have a visual appeal, as they provide a finished look to the roofline and can enhance the overall appearance of a building.

Your Necessity; Our Priority

All our products are manufactured with high-quality PVC materials and using the latest technologies available. Our products are exclusively designed for durability and strength. In it, Aizar Rain Gutters are exclusively made with greater capacity to hold a high volume of water. We assure 10 years of warranty on all our products, especially rainwater gutters. By using this, there will be no unwanted accumulation of water, and it also helps with rainwater harvesting. So you can save and use the water for future purposes. Since we are using highly durable PVC materials for the construction of rain gutters, they will not get damaged by heavy rainfall. Also, this will not affect the enhancement of your building.

Why is Aizar The No.1 Rain Gutter Manufacturer?

10 Year Warranty

We promise 10 years of warranty for all the UPVC rain gutters we make.

Available in various colours

All the pipes and fittings are available in different colours, so you can choose a colour that matches your needs.

High flow capacity

These UPVC rainwater gutters have the capacity to hold a good quantity of water. And it also helps the rainwater drain well.

Easy to Install

It can be installed easily and perfectly by yourself. No external aid is needed. It is so flexible since it is expandable and bendable, so it is not really challenging to install and fix these seamless rain gutters.

Affordable Prize

All the products we sell are pocket-friendly, and without spending too much money, you can get your hands on the items you need. We sell house rain gutters and commercial-purpose gutters that are also pocket-friendly.


Know why clients love
Aizar Rain gutters

Aizar is a well-established brand in the PVC Pipes and related products market in all over india. It’s impressive that Aizar is committed to maintaining high-quality standards and providing excellent services to its customers.

Mr. Jackson Daniel,
Vilayil Hardwares,

Aizar offers a wide range of products to meet the varied requirements of its customers. It’s even better to know that Aizar is a non-compromising organization when it comes to quality standards, which distinguishes its products from those of its competitors.

Mr. Suhail,
Zeeco Metals Private Limited, Kozhikode

As a dealer, I have worked with many rain gutter companies over the years, but none have matched the quality and reliability of this PVC rain gutter company. Their products are widely accepted by both users and fabricators, and their customer service is top-notch. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of high-quality rain gutters!

Mr. Siraj,
Kambiyakathu Traders, Alappuzha

We have been a fabricator of PVC rain gutters for many years, and this company’s products are among the best in the industry. Our customers consistently choose them for their durability, quality, and easy installation. The team is always professional and responsive, and we appreciate their commitment to excellence.

Mr. Binil Sebastian,
Champakkattu Steel Land, Alappuzha

Our customers have been extremely satisfied with the PVC rain gutters from this company. They are made with high-quality materials and are built to last. The installation process is quick and easy, and the team is always available to answer any questions or concerns. We highly recommend this company to anyone in need of rain gutters!

Mr. Thomaskutty Varghese,
Thoompunkal Hardwares, Kottayam

I am extremely impressed with the quality of the PVC rain gutters from this company. They were easy to install and held up great during heavy rainstorms. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of new rain gutters!

Mr. Noushad ,
MS Steels

Go Through Our Video Gallery

Watch the videos to get more ideas about our products and their specifications. To learn about the installation technique, this may help you.

Rainwater gutters are long and hollow things attached to the roof of the building. It helps to redirect the water from falling into the foundation of the building.

Hybrid rain gutters, square rain gutters and spout rain gutters

Aizer is presently the No.1 rainwater gutter manufacturer in India.


Maximum length is 16.5 Feet

Plastic gutters are made of PVC materials

UPVC is stronger than PVC.


Yes, rain gutters are very prominent to protect your house’s foundation, basement, attic, etc from damage caused by water.

White is the most popular and most moving gutter color.

5 inches is the standard size

An average lifespan is 20 years and some may last up to 50 years. 

Yes. They are less costly. For more information contact us :1800 833 3323

Half an inch for 10 feet each is the normal slope of rain gutters. 



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